Here are just some scattered thoughts that came to me last night while studying alone in the stairwell of my apartment–thoughts about how my mind is mine and how incredibly empowering that is. I haven’t written anything in a while, so I figured I might as well share it with y’all.

No matter what, no one can take my mind away from me. I will and have lost friends, relationships, time, memories…I’ve been deserted and disappointed…I’ve suffered judgment and criticism and harshness…but in the end, my mind is mine. No one can understand it or even locate it, they can’t label it or manipulate its core…and therein lies its value! It is protected, encrypted, by its very own complexity. The code is part of its fabric, its DNA. And because it can’t be identified it will never be taken away from me. Which can be a scary thought because that’s so very isolating but also so comforting. am safe. The one thing I can never lose is me. People, the world, will chip and chip away but they’re only scratching the surface–I am a block of ice with a molten iron core. My mind and my soul are like the center of the Earth–impenetrable by anyone but the owner. Only God can access the world; only I can access my mind. How empowering! How comforting. Yes, I am my best friend–I worry so much about people but in the end it’s just me, it’s always been just me and it always will be. Solidarity sister.