Is it love?


Is it love because he was my first true friend in this town?

Is it love because in a sea of lost treasures, he was the first that I found?


Is it love because the bond of friendship was strong as a mountain before all else?

Is it love because when I was drunk in depression he told me to value myself?



It’s not love. It’s infatuation.



Is it infatuation because he’s the one thing I can’t get out of my head?

Is it infatuation because over his pain, tears I have shed?


Is it infatuation because his smile makes me glow?

Is it infatuation because I can’t let this dream go?



It’s not infatuation. It’s desperation…



Is it desperation because I know our (precious) moment in time won’t last?

Is it desperation because that one sweet kiss is already part of the past?


Is it desperation because I sense you’re going back to her?

Is it desperation because…these lines…are starting to blur?



It’s not…desperation…


Is it love?